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There are many fewer jobs available than there are people looking for a job (new or to replace an existing job). Whether you are brand new to the job market or have busy jobs Cool Base Brooks Robinson Jersey , but have found yourself looking for a new job (for whatever reason), it can be quite intimidating with all sites la- low. Here are 9 tips I've learned over time (much to the hard) that you may find useful in your job search.

1: Do not pay for recruitment services - which are (obviously) a personal opinion. I paid for recruitment services in the past, and quite honestly, I have not found one that got me a quicker job because I have to pay for their services. For me it was wasted money when money was already tight to begin with. Of course, the money you pay for job search sites are tax deductible Authentic Eddie Murray Jersey , but if you are on a job, it is wiser to use the money to pay for food or bills now, or wait to see a credit for it at the beginning of next year? There are tons of free services out there to choose from, so many that it would turn my head if I tried to list them all. Of course, if you really do not know how to write a resume or cover letter Authentic Jim Palmer Jersey , you can use the services of a person who will do it for you; well, I recommend you learn how to write your resume and cover letter you.

2: Search to see which jobs you are looking for are listed - this is especially true in the specialized industries. Some industries have their own list job boards, such as minors, and other industries tend to use some sites more than others. Narrowing the sites you want to use can help you focus your attention where should be.

3: Get on the most used first sights - most sites allow you to configure a profile with your resume, contact information Authentic Frank Robinson Jersey , and the types of positions you are seeking. Get these configuration profiles ASAP so you can be searchable to recruiters as quickly as possible. A few that I recommend include: Perfect Profile, LinkedIn, Career Builder, Monster Jobs, Authentic Roberto Alomar Jersey , Ladders and opportunity (which is spelled correctly). Obviously there are tons more, but these are its use most when searching for a new career.

4: Do not forget the temporary agencies - certain agencies also have direct hire positions, so check with them can be helpful in finding a new career. If you connect with a great recruiter, they will really be on the lookout for positions that match your training and experience. Certain agencies may require you to go to their offices for an informal interview where you can take a test on their computer (depending on the industry you want to enter), and you'll probably speak with a recruiter to discuss exactly what you want and how you are qualified for these types of positions.

5: targeted job profiles - if you find one (or more) companies you want to target for a position Authentic Earl Weaver Jersey , go to their website and see if you are able to create a profile that includes uploading your CV. Many companies offer this for potential candidates.

6: track what you applied - I have a spreadsheet that I use when I'm looking for a new job that lists:

I postulated Date

Company Name

Position Title

Area where employment is

Listed range of salaries (if applicable)

I found the job advertisement and how I applied for the position (ie found on LinkedIn, applied on the company's website)

What have sent back (I have multiple resumes for different job)

All notes (eg asked connect with LinkedIn Jane Doe, recruiter, or email John Doe in HR about the position) These notes help me keep track of where I applied, when I asked Authentic Mark Trumbo Jersey , and what happened. I have a separate tab in my spreadsheet for positions I received a "Thank you, but no thank you e-mail or an I respectfully declined for some reason. Again, I add notes

About what happened to my future reference if needed?

7: Follow all the connection information - in the same worksheet I track where and what I asked, I also follow all the usernames and passwords. With the hundreds of sites, and with different user name and password requirements Authentic Joey Rickard Jersey , it can (and usually is) totally impossible to follow all of these without going somewhere. I 200 companies I usernames and passwords for ... which is just 200! I could not follow all of these if I wanted to!

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the same user names or passwords - especially passwords - that you use for other personal accounts (ie bank accounts, emails, accounts vehicles, etc.). This can leave you extremely vulnerable to a hacker to steal your information.

8: Use applications where available - the most job search sites now have apps for Droid and or Apple. Check the App Store on your device to see if it is available and download it (only if it is for free download!). These applications usually give you the ability to save, email Authentic Chris Davis Jersey , and sometimes apply directly from the application. This is especially useful when you're waiting at the doctor, or are not able to be in front of a computer. Remember to go to the website on your computer and apply for jobs that you saved before they expire!

9: Do not waste time on applications too complicated for a job you're not sure you want anyway - which is something I learned the hard way. I found vacancies for positions that are not exactly what I want and I click on them to think, this could be a way to get my foot in the door, only to find a site of application will not import my resume and asked me to write essays to their

Questions (e.g. Why do you want to work at Perfect profile company or, what do you think makes you qualified for this position?). I guess recruiters think that if someone really takes the time to complete their applications so they are worth taking a look. As a candidate Authentic Adam Jones Jersey , I think it's ridiculous. There ar

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